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MU Bags is your Nursing Pouch for the safe and practical storage of your tools of trade.

This nursing bag/nurse belt pouch provides immediate access to your equipment from a convenient, secure and comfortable pocket. The MU Bag fits snugly to your body and is made from durable, flexible and washable neoprene.

Who need a nurse waist pouch?

Nurses, Vet Nurses, Personal Care Attendants, Community Nurses, Paediatric Nurses and all my other favourite nurses, and the occasional Doctor!

“Love your MU Bag, best thing I ever bought for myself to use at work, extremely comfortable to wear, doesn’t move or slip out of position. Love it.” – DD ACT

“This is a great product, comfortable and doesn’t move around. I love it that my pens, scissors, torch etc are secure! Excellent service- ordered one day, delivered the next!”  – JS VIC

Nursing Pouches Australia

The utility bag has a front cover flap that keeps everything tip top and tidy. A velcro tab provides for a quick release and easy seal. The varying pocket  depths allow for easy identification of your equipment.

Features of our nurse waist pouches

MU Bag is a fabulous little nursing pouch, nursing bag or utility belt bag. It has numerous pockets, one of which is sealed for additional security. MU Bag is made of neoprene, a fabric used for wetsuits and sooooo comfy.

Quick and easy access to your equipment.

Keep your personal belongings close.

Easily cleaned daily with detergent.